co27: development of an efficient slop fired boiler


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2017-8-20 · Salient Features of spent wash incinerator • FC-KCP make spent wash Incinerator is a multi-fuel fired boiler. • The spent wash incinerator is suitable for the following fuel combinations: 1. Conc. Spent wash + Bagasse, 2. Conc. Spent wash + Indian / Imported Coal 3. Concentrated Spent wash + Biomass + Bagasse 3. 100 % Bagasse 4. 100% Indian

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slop (spent wash) fired boilers - cheema boilers …


SLOP (SPENT WASH) FIRED BOILERS. sector has been facilitated by CBL's successful efforts to develop a commercial-scale boiler technology for firing spent wash. The twin benefits of the boiler include: Ability to dispose effluent discharge of distilleries in a safe and environmentally sound way (by meeting ZED norm) and

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incineration (spent wash) boilers - ss engineers

Incineration (Spent Wash) Boilers - SS Engineers

2018-9-10 · The spent wash from the distillery is incinerated completely to achieve ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’. With this Spent Wash Incineration Boiler, the power as well as the steam requirement of the distillery is met satisfactorily. The supporting fuels that can be used to incinerate spent wash in these boilers are bagasse and coal. The spent wash to

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design&supply of sugar plants - fives cail - equipment

Design&supply of sugar plants - Fives Cail - Equipment

2018-12-10 · Spent wash incinerator : Incineration – The clean and acceptable method of disposing distillery waste. Fives Cail-KCP came out with a green solution or acceptable disposal of distillery waste. Fives Cail-KCP experts made a thorough study in market and constructing their first slop fired incinerator of 30 TPH capacity in M/s Rajashree Sugars

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spent wash fired boilers, coal fired, capacity: more …

Spent Wash Fired Boilers, Coal Fired, Capacity: More …

Backed by rich industry experience since 1978, Sitson India Pvt. Ltd. are engaged in offering a finest quality range of Boilers, Soot Blowers and Air Pollution Control Equipment.We are engaged in offering Oil Cum Gas Cum Heat Recovery Boilers, Fluidized-Bed Boilers, Boiler, Water Tube Boiler, Soot Blowers, Bagasse Cum Coal Cum Oil Fired Boilers, Dumping Grate Boilers and Spent Wash Fired Boilers.

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slop fired boiler | spent wash incineration boiler - ss

Slop Fired Boiler | Spent Wash Incineration Boiler - SS

2019-3-27 · The Incineration (Spent Wash) Boiler has the following features: Boiler construction is tail end type with folded furnace construction and horizontal convection section. The fouling potential is minimised through multi-pass design and with online cleaning systems. The boiler is designed such that it is easily maintainable.

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pre - feasibility report for proposed 60 klpd …


2016-2-29 · Waste water generated from the proposed distillery unit in the form of spent wash will be concentrated in multi effective evaporator and then incinerated in the spent wash fired boiler. Condensate from MEE will be recycled back to the process, while spent less and other waste water stream will be treated in ETP and treated

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spent wash boilers | sapphire technical services

Spent Wash Boilers | Sapphire Technical Services

2016-8-30 · spent wash boilers Project Description Erection and providing assistance in commissioning in 1X50TPH, Spent Wash Boiler with its auxiliaries, ESP, IBR and Non-IBR piping at M/s United Spirits Distilleries, Rosa, U.P.

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vinasse incinerator - a consolidated technology arriving

Vinasse Incinerator - a consolidated technology arriving

2020-2-26 · Vinasse Incinerator - a consolidated technology arriving to Brazil By Fives Cail KCP August 2017 Prepared by: K. Prakash. Spent wash Incinerator 2 INITIAL PROBLEMS World’s biggest vinasse fired boiler under execution Dhampur Sugar Mills (Dhampur Unit), Uttar Pradesh.

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